Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wisconsin paper's "hero" coverage of Ryan

OK, Wisconsin media, we get that Paul Ryan is from our state. But really, La Crosse Tribune, "Hero's welcome"?

Yeah, a bunch of Tea Partiers in Waukesha County, the most Republican county in Wisconsin, were excited to see him. (Gee, wonder why his rally was held there?)

But most of Wisconsin doesn't consider him a "hero" or barely knows him. Anyone who cares about Medicare or education or social services considers him something else not flattering. That includes elderly, people who will one day become elderly, the middle class, supporters of education, women, etc.

"Hero"? Did he fight in a war? Did he stand up against injustice? Does he have the guts to tell Americans -- before the November election -- what services he's planning to cut to balance the budget? No, no and no.

La Crosse Tribune, save your "hero" coverage for someone who truly cares about all Americans, not just about his own fortunes and those of his rich, out-of-state supporters.

Here's a link to the Tribune's front-page headline on a Romney campaign website. The Romney campaign sees its propaganda value. Do you, Tribune?

And other Wisconsin media, please take a deep breath and make sure you're engaging in actually reporting, not "hero" worship.

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