Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get ready for the Media Adoration of Paul Ryan...the Genius!!

Suddenly, Paul Ryan will be portrayed by the media as someone who actually knows what he's doing, or that his numbers add up. Get ready for what Newt Gingrich described as conservative social engineering...that's the good kind.

Get used to the word "courage" being used over and over as an excuse to carry out policies that will be unpopular with Americans. Ryan's "father figure" policies must reign in Americans, who are like spoiled little children that need to be educated on the harsh realities of life without "entitlements."

And get ready for a media pass on holding Mitt Romney responsible for disclosing his tax forms and policy details.


  1. Hilarious . . . No a single comment (except for mine) on a single post! Go Progressive Movement! LOL Maybe it's due to the fact that everything posted here is partisan opinions with zero factual backing or references.

    Lemme guess whats next: 1) Class/gender/race warfare (pitting one group of constituents against another for political gain 2) Since there is no ability to back up the wild Progressive claims; Call everyone else a racist and then change the subject.

    Good luck buddy . . .

  2. Wow all the things we don't know about obama yet this guy is worried about Ryan??? Hilarious. 1.5% GDP, 6 trillion added to the deficit, and 8% unemployment. That is all that matters!

    This blog is pathetic.

    1. You are quite pathetic, LieSeeker. Did you just crawl out of some hole in January 2009? Gimme a break.

  3. Feast on this...

  4. Lmao. Well the media has done a good job of making the first black president look good and that's a tough Job for anyone. I'm sure them making Paul Ryan look smart isn't gonna be near as tough as the last few years. If you voted for Obama to prove your not a racist eel your still in luck becuase you get to vote for someone else this time to prove your not an idiot.

  5. Notice that the out-of-staters say nothing about the fact that Paul (Never Had a Real Job) Ryan's plans are filled with holes and outright LIES? Cause it's all true.

    Much like with fellow professional moocher Scott Walker, those of us who know Paulie best know he's a fraud who never gets the job done and leaves things worse than when he started messing with them Fortunately, the Obama team won't be outspent 7 to 1, and this will be an evisceration of Ryan that has been a long time coming. And it's only losers who live in GOP and Faux News bubbles don't see it.