Friday, August 17, 2012

Ain't No Way to Hide Ryan's Lyin' Eyes

Ryan the Liar. Lyin' Ryan.

The rhymes are becoming a meme, and for good reason.

Story after story in the national media has been published about the would-be VP lying to them -- and getting caught. (Hello, Wisconsin media -- are you listening?).

There's even a Twitter hashtag tracking the lies -- #lyinryan. If you're on Twitter, please use it. (Speaking of Twitter, our humble The Paul Ryan Watch just joined the Twitterverse -- please follow us at @PaulRyanWatch.)

Here are few of the more interesting stories from just the last few days on lies he's been caught in since the national media finally began paying attention to what he says.

- Matt Miller in the Washington Post writes about, as the headline says, "Recognizing Paul Ryan's 'tell' when he is trying to avoid something." As Miller writes, "It's worth parsing Ryan's tactics in this exchange because it shows the brand of disingenuousness we're dealing with." Miller links to and analyzes a tough video interview with Fox (!) showing Ryan as dissembler.

- Daily Kos reports that Lyin' Ryan blames President Obama publicly for the 2008 closing of the Janesville, Wisconsin, GM plant. Only problem: George W. Bush was president when the closing was announced, not Obama. As Daily Kos writes: "Bottom line: Without the benefit of facts, Ryan's story sounded compelling, but once you learn what really happened, you quickly realize Ryan was telling a tall tale that was just too perfect to be true. And with that kind of thing starting to become a pattern with Ryan, it's no wonder that Mitt Romney likes him so much."

- The headline of a story says it all: "Busted: Paul Ryan Left $1-5 Million Trust Off Disclosure Forms Until He Was Vetted." From the story: "As he was being vetted, Mr. Ryan pulled a Romney and retroactively amended his disclosures on June 6, 2012 in order to include one of the couple’s largest assets — the $1-5 million income producing trust Janna Ryan inherited from her mother."

- And finally, as the Boston Globe reported, Lyin' Ryan lied to reporters about applying for millions in Obama stimulus money despite calling the stimulus legislation a "wasteful spending spree." He was forced to fess up after being confronted with four letters he wrote seeking the money.

Lyin' Ryan pulled it off when he was just a Wisconsin congressman, but he's not slick enough to keep the tall tales going now that he's truly in the biggest of big national spotlights. Keep an eye out for Ryan's lies. And keep watching Ryan's Lyin' eyes.

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