Thursday, October 24, 2013

To Fake Obamacare Rollout Whiners, A Tom Harkin Snicker

Great retort to the likes of Paul Ryan, from the Iowa Democrat:

Woman at restaurant: The food here is terrible. 
Man at restaurant: And the portions are so small.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Man without Conscience, Paul Ryan, ironically pushing Conscience Clause.

Paul Ryan is at it again.

I've always maintained that the “conscience  clause” is the biggest threat to law and order in this country than most people realize. It leaves a person’s freedoms up to the discretion of another person’s conscience-their belief system, fears and prejudices.

“Laws” passed with a conscience clause neutralizes a meaningful law. It creates a voluntary law, which fits into the conservative view that if it's a law they don’t like, they don’t need to follow it.  

That’s what Paul Ryan is trying to introduce into our society, voluntary laws, allowing others to infringe on the constitutional rights of others. Ryan's conscience clause negates the First Amendment:
MSNBC: There’s been little public talk lately about the so-called “conscience clause” allowing employers to reject birth control coverage for their employees. But according to the Washington Post, Paul Ryan, is still hammering away at it behind closed doors. At the Values Voter Summit, the USCCB’s powerful lobbyist acknowledged that “the only way to get the Senate to deal with” contraception coverage is getting it “attached to must-pass legislation” … When a previous version of the clause, known as the Blunt amendment, died in the Senate in 2012, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski disavowed her vote for the amendment, saying, “Back home, it was being viewed as a direct attack on women’s reproductive rights, on their ability to access contraception.”  

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Paul Ryan Government Shutdown!!!

Many articles have been written about the Paul Ryan disappearing act during the government shutdown. It is odd isn't it that he’s nowhere to be seen or heard from. What media bubble has he been able to construct to block reporters out? It’s all so strange.

Ah, but there’s a reason Ryan isn't around; the shutdown was his doing, and he’s tricked the tea party into taking the hit.

Anyone trust this guy to be our president?

A small local Milwaukee publication the Sheppard Express had to make what seems to be an obvious call. Everybody else just got caught up in the media circus:
Americans are rightly outraged that a small group of extreme House Republicans successfully bullied the more rational members of Congress into shutting down the government this week. While we may think these tea partiers are members of the fringe, the sad fact is that one of them is Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan, the powerful chair of the House budget committee.

Ryan voted along party lines to defund and delay Obamacare and shut down the government …
So that's how we got here:
…when the Senate passed its own budget resolution, Politico reported recently that Ryan and the rest of the Republican members of the House refused to negotiate with the Senate. They were waiting for a showdown and a shutdown to get their list of tea party demands written into the budget. Ryan has kept a low profile during all of this mess. He had to vote for the shutdown to retain his tea party credibility, but it’s so wildly unpopular with the general public—and Wall Street, the source of a lot of his campaign dollars—that he doesn’t want to be the face of it in the media.