Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan Rage in 2009 Began Before Inauguration

On the weekend his running mate was introduced to much of America, Mitt Romney attempted to paint a picture of Paul Ryan as some sort of thoughtful, bipartisan leader in a polarized Congress:
"This guy’s a real leader... He’s reached across the aisle. He’s worked with Democrats, Republicans. Tried to take on the toughest issues America faces.”
But Congressman Ryan's voting record (and his YouTube record) both reflect the reality of Ryan: a fringe right-wing ideologue. His chief aim post-election in 2008 seems clearly to have been strategic opposition, following the official Republican gameplan of opposition and obstruction at all costs.

For instance, here's video of Congressman Ryan in January 2009 — a week before President Obama was inaugurated  —  already railing against the expansion of S-CHIP. The legislation to expand access to health insurance for millions of children had been twice vetoed by President Bush, and ended up passing by large bipartisan majorities in both chambers, including winning 40 of his Republican colleagues' votes in the House and 66 votes in the Senate.

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