Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Will someone tell Paul Ryan, Government doesn't give us rights, it protects them!!

Rep. Paul Ryan always starts his discussions off with a false premise. Like the one given in this audio clip below; Democrats and liberals think government gives us our rights. The simple truth; Bullshit.

Based on his premise, Ryan wants people to go back to "natural law, natural rights," given to us by God. Ryan clearly thinks government is there to protect and serve business. Natural law would allow corporations to be sued out of existence; Ryan's idea of government is to protect businesses from the risks and consequences under "natural law," creating "access," "opportunity," "upward mobility," and of course great wealth.

The following is just plain scary rhetoric. I don't know how else to describe it. Mr. Full-of-himself "wants to save civil society." Jeeze. Why do I get the feeling our natural rights from God flow exclusively from Ryan policy? And who will retire this ego-maniacal madman? Wisconsin Radio Network:

Ryan says the book will reflect his beliefs in natural law, natural rights, and that the “role of government is to provide a quality of opportunities so that we can make the most of our lives,” something he says Republicans have not done a good enough job of articulating.
Just as bizarre; when asked if his book means a run for president:
He says it’s not right to “cloud my judgment with other personal ambition concerns.”