Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan projection: "Obama is trying to paint us as a if we're some bizarre individualists..."

Republican VP pick Paul Ryan is now trying to turn everything completely around on the Democrats, flipping reality on its head. From "We built it" to the "radical Obama agenda."

Few media reporters have noticed that the Republican and Paul Ryan have been controlling the nations purse string for two years. So how did Obama spend so much? He didn't. 

But the stimulus was a success, and Republican politicians fell all over themselves touting new jobs and businesses that were helped by the government money. Yet the stimulus was a failure.  

But the following is perhaps too much, even for wildly partisan tea party low information voters (I can dream). According to the Post’s Greg Sargent: 
Now that Paul Ryan has been tapped as Mitt Romney’s veep candidate, he’ll take on an elevated role as a critic of Obama’s stimulus package. Janesville, Wis., where he still lives, is recovering economically in no small part because of money from the stimulus and other federal grants.

There’s the Janesville Innovation Center, which will “provide entrepreneurs with commercial space in which to launch their ideas.” This is being funded by a $1.2 million stimulus grant, Lizza notes. That’s not all. As Lizza notes, the federal government is contributing more than $10 million to a new facility in Janesville that will produce a medical tracer that used to be made outside the United States. The new plant could employ some 150 people.

John Beckford, the head of a local economic development group and a Ryan supporter, explained to Lizza how Janesville is reinventing itself after a GM plant closed in the town. 
Beckford is your typical hypocritical conservative ideologue and Ryan voter. Republicans don’t care about spending really, just when somebody else does it.  
Ryan has been pounding away at Obama’s “didn’t build that” speech. When Lizza pointed out to Ryan that this seems at odds with the fact that federal spending is helping drive his home town’s economic recovery, Ryan didn’t disagree.

Ryan: “Obama is trying to paint us as a caricature. As if we’re some bizarre individualists who are hard-core libertarians. It’s a false dichotomy and intellectually lazy.”
In reality, what all this shows is that it is Romney and Ryan who are painting a caricature of Obama’s views, positions and policies.

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