Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan hoping to hit jackpot after secret meeting with billionaire casino owner

Sheldon Adelson, who's said he'll spend $100-million to try to beat President Obama -- and who chipped in a measly $250,000 (pocket change) to Gov. Scott Walker's anti-recall campaign -- met privately with Paul Ryan in Las Vegas Tuesday. The NY Times reports:
In keeping with Mr. Adelson’s penchant for staying below the radar, Romney aides refused to say who attended the meeting with Mr. Ryan, though the location (a private room at one of Mr. Adelson’s hotels) and leaks from the Romney camp left little doubt. And in keeping with laws that prohibit elected officials from explicitly asking donors for super PAC money, aides to Mr. Romney insisted before the event that the meeting was not a fund-raiser.
So there, of course, was no talk about the millions Adelson is pouring into a super PAC running attack ads against Obama. No need to talk about that, after all; he's already doing it.
Mr. Adelson has already contributed more money to defeat Mr. Obama than anyone: over $50 million has gone to the 2012 campaign, including $10 million to a “super PAC” backing Mr. Romney and $10 million to Crossroads GPS, which has run millions of dollars of advertisements against Mr. Obama.
This was more a case of bowing to Adelson's billions, giving him and 40 other Nevada fat cats (unidentified, of course) private access to the veep candidate. Is this a great system or what?

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