Saturday, August 18, 2012

"R" Is For Ryan, Fellow Resisters

"R" is for Republican, but when it comes to full disclosure by Tommy Thompson, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, "R" is for resister.

*  Tommy won't release his tax returns.

*  Romney and Ryan, other than two years' worth, won't disclose more.

*  Ryan finally admitted that he indeed sought Obama stimulus funds after first denying that he had.

No wonder there is pressure on Romney to release more tax returns.

His assurances about fair taxes paid are undercut by Ryan's coming clean on seeking stimulus program funding- - a program he'd blasted for political purposes - - and Ryan's amnesia about a family trust.

Ann Romney's statement that releasing additional returns would only provide the opposition with more "ammunition" raises fresh suspicions about tax payments, and about income, and about deductions used to reach bottom line obligations.

I'm surprised Ryan, Romney and Tommy are giving Democrats campaign freebies made exceptionally relevant by the rough economy.

And in a campaign where Republican candidates are backing plans to give more tax breaks to upper-income filers - - like Ryan, Ryan and Tommy.

These pols know politics ain't beanbag, but do they really think hide-and-seek is a better game?

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