Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cap Times Editorial Slams Paul Ryan For GM "Lie," Using "Hometown as a Prop"

Blistering stuff this morning from the Cap Times on wonky "hard-truth"-teller Paul Ryan's cavalcade of lies in front of the Tea Party faithful in Tampa last night:

Ryan’s clear suggestion that Obama — or his policies — had something to do with the plant closure was a lie.

The government that was not there to support the Janesville workers was the administration of George W. Bush. GM announced and implemented the closure of the plant during Bush’s presidency.

When a newly elected President Obama rushed to save the domestic auto industry, and perhaps to renew the prospects of shuttered plants like the one in Janesville, the man whose campaign Ryan is now propping up wrote an op-ed titled: “Let Detroit (and, presumably Janesville) Go Bankrupt.”

And since we’re on the subject of government failing the workers in Paul Ryan’s hometown, surely it is relevant to bring up the congressman’s repeated votes for free-trade agreements that members of Janesville’s United Auto Workers Local 95 warned would undermine and ultimately shutter their workplace.

A man who would use his hometown as a prop and then try to deceive the country about the causes of its circumstance has a certain appeal to Republican delegates who cut their political teeth making the case for trickle-down economics and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

But Wisconsinites, at least those who can remember 2008, will not believe him.

Nor should discerning voters in the rest of the republic.

Press seems to be turning on Ryan nationally. Full editorial here.


  1. Walker lied too in the post Ryan speech interview.

    We are tired of Janesville being used as a political punching bag and being misrepresented by Ryan and Walker.

  2. Russ Feingold is also from Janesville:

    By Russ Feingold · August 30, 2012

    Unfortunately, Paul Ryan has turned a bipartisan effort to save the GM plant in Janesville into a dishonest, partisan attack on President Obama. Representative Ryan knows the same facts I do: despite the work of Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation, GM announced the plant closure during the Bush administration.