Sunday, February 9, 2014

Paul Ryan's Moral Leadership may not be Popular, but it's "the right thing."

History is littered with despots who claimed they knew more than the people that elected them.

Rep. Paul Ryan is just that kind of "leader."

Upfront's Mike Gousha asked Ryan about all the polls that directly contradicted Ryan's positions on the minimum wage, extending unemployment etc. Ryan just laughed.

I purposely included Ryan's jaw dropping corporate focused agenda that exemplifies the failure of trickle down economics-it hasn't worked so far, so business needs even more help. Where in Ryan's to-do-list is there something that has to do with people directly?

But what Ryan said next...including his Freudian slip:
"It sounds simple...but if I believe this is counter productive for the very people we're trying to help...and will hurt them by doing this, but it's politically popular, what does that say about you as a moral person...leaders have to take positions that may not be popular sometimes if they think they're doing the right thing."

It's a message Republicans haven't been shy about saying, with absolutly no blow back from the media. Scott Walker has made a run for president contingent on the Senate turning Republican, because he too wants to do the unpopular "moral" "right thing." Divided government would just get in the way.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tea Party's Lyin' Ryan claims Obama is a Lawless President! And we're supposed to take him seriously on the budget?

Paul Ryan knows how to spin BS, like his workaround argument regarding the number of Obama’s “executive orders.”

According to Ryan, it’s not how many orders, because Republicans lost that lie to the facts, but the
“scope” of his executive orders. And that means…?

One important fact: The Affordable Care Act allows for flexibility and delays to the mandates as problems come up. Below, Ryan feeds off the tea party frenzy over ObamaCare.

Think about it, this guy who could have been our vice president is calling Obama's term, a “Lawless presidency.” That's not true, unless we’re getting rid of presumed innocence?
jsonline: Rep. Paul Ryan said Sunday that President Barack Obama is running an "increasingly lawless presidency" by circumventing Congress. Host George Stephanopoulos suggested to Ryan that Obama's rate of using executive orders was far behind Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton.
It’s the “scope” and “new laws?” Ryan then admits it’s just a difference of opinion:
Said Ryan: "It's not the number of executive orders, it's the scope of the executive orders. It's the fact that he is actually contradicting law like in the health care case, or proposing new laws without going through congress, George, that's the issue."

Stephanopoulos asked Ryan if he planned to try to impeach Obama. Said Ryan: "No, I'm not — look, what we — we have a difference of opinion, clearly, and — and some of these are going to get fought out in court. And I think these executive orders are creating a dangerous trend which is contrary to the Constitution."
Like the dangerous trend from all the past presidents? Ryan has lost it.