Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wisconsin Giddy over Paul Ryan VP Pick. Ezra Klein's Got Bad News for You.

Well, not every network is praising Paul Ryan. Believe it or not, Ryan's not really a newcomer to politics, although you wouldn't know it by all the heaping praise.

Locally, the Madison TV stations fell all over themselves basking in the national spotlight, with their glowing anchor faces and ridiculous "who is Paul Ryan" video photo albums.

Oddly, after a year of campaigning against Ryan, Rob Zerban never got a mention as the most serious challenger in decades. Even Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice covered Ryan's possible VP pick, mentioning the state Democratic Party's plans to go after his seat, but never brought up Zerban's name.

This Ryan love fest isn't about to end anytime soon either. Wisconsin media loves the national attention, and tearing down this right wing Ayn Randian golden idol could negatively impact their ratings.

Here's Hardball's Chris Matthews with Ezra Klein, who honestly dissects what a Romney/Ryan administration would do:

If Wisconsin is smart and familiar with Ryan's plan for corporate prosperity, the polls won't change, but who am I kidding.

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  1. Not everyone in Wisconsin is thrilled with Ryan or even remotely "giddy" over his pick as Romney's running mate. It'll be great to get him out of the state but would be disastrous for the country to give him a bigger stage. We can only hope that he will hurt Romney's chances rather than help them.