Monday, August 20, 2012

More on Ryan and Akin, anti-women soulmates

While Lyin' Paul Ryan may be hoping no one notices his history of close ties to anti-abortion and anti-women soultmate Rep. Todd Akin, the record doesn't lie.

Ryan and Akin: Soulmates in extremism
The question: Will the media in Wisconsin pay attention?

Our friends at Daily Kos report that the two extreme right wingers have co-sponsored eight anti-abortion bills, not just the one to create a category of "forcible rape" (read: abortion shouldn't be allowed for rapes that don't fit this ridiculous definition).

As Daily Kos wrote:
You can try to run from Rep. Akin, Rep. Ryan, but you won't succeed. You have cooperated on 8 different anti-abortion bills during the 112th Congress. It is safe to say that his views are your views on this topic.
ThinkProgress has additional, powerful info on how Ryan and Akin have worked together to deny women the right to choose an abortion.

Maureen Dowd, in her Sunday column which was in print before Akin made his comments, brought up Ryan's "forceable rape" fetish. (She also covers the Ryan waterfront on issues like Rage Against the Machine, being "way way out there" like former Veep Dick Chaney and criticisms from his own former parish priest. Read the column for all of this.)

None of this made the Milwaukee Journal's Monday print edition. Will the media in Wisconsin starting writing about the connection between the two extremists?

We recall that these same papers haven't been shy about writing about connections between other politicians and extremists -- ever hear of Obama's neighbor, Bill Ayers?

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