Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan...who? It seems he's not as popular outside the Cheddar Curtain.

Chris Hayes and Dave Weigel hash over the Paul Ryan pick as Mitt Romney's VP running mate. Ryan's numbers and popularity are a bit overrated.

And why does Paul Ryan get away with anything and everything. Heck, he helped tank the global economy:

Even considering the source, the following analysis of Ryan and Romney's plans by the Obama truthteam is spot on:
Mitt Romney praised House GOP Budget Chairman Paul Ryan for the GOP’s new budget plan, calling it “a bold step” towards “fiscal sanity.” The Ryan plan would turn Medicare into a voucher program, in which seniors would be left with a voucher that they could use to buy private insurance.  Ryan claims that traditional Medicare would remain an option for seniors, but in reality, private plans would cherry pick healthy enrollees, driving up costs for the older and less healthy people with Medicare.

Romney: Romney would also turn Medicare into a voucher program. Similar proposals would force seniors to pay $6,350 more in out-of-pocket expenses each year. And because he wants to repeal the health care law, he would increase payments to insurance companies by $100 billion, and deplete the Medicare trust fund by 2016. Like Ryan, Romney claims that traditional Medicare would remain an option for seniors—but we know the reality is his plan would drive up costs for those on the program.

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