Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Washington Post column says Ryan in "Total Denial" about his plan's unpopularity

Old news to us Wisconsinites, but glad to see a Post columnist matching up Ryan's love for his Medicare plan with multiple polls showing the public's rejection of same - - so finding Ryan guilty of a politiflub.

Here's what Greg Sargent says:
If Paul Ryan really believes what he said about his Medicare plan in this interview with a local Wisconsin TV station, then he is in total denial about how unpopular his proposal really is — and how much of a jam it created for his fellow Republicans:
“Those polls don’t describe it very well. When the plan is described accurately, it actually polls very well,” Ryan claims.
Hmm, or maybe this is just false. [Then Sargent runs through the evidence.]
I put it up on my blog.

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  1. The best liars in the world are the ones who are so GOOD at lying that they have actually convinced THEMSELVES of their own lies!

    Paul Ryan is in this category!