Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rutgers prof who blew whistle on Ryan's $700 wine tells why she did it

Susan Feinberg, the woman who confronted Paul Ryan and his friends when she saw them drinking $700 worth of wine in a posh DC bistro, explains herself in a column in the Newark Star Ledger:
To clear $700 in a week, a person would have to earn close to $50,000 a year, an amount greater than the income of nearly half of American households. Households earning below $50,000 per year are being asked to shoulder most of the sacrifices in the Ryan budget. Millions of seniors and middle-income Americans will see their standard of living decline significantly if the parameters of the Ryan budget become part of the negotiated spending cuts in the debt ceiling debate.

Ryan and his companions had every right to drink $700 worth of wine. However, to blithely enjoy such extravagance while preparing to inflict so much pain on so many Americans seemed terribly wrong, particularly when one considers that those who can easily afford an evening out with a $700 bar tab will benefit from the sacrifices Ryan’s budget heaps upon average Americans.

Read it here.

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