Friday, July 1, 2011

Bow Before our "leader" President Ryan.

Sure he's a guy that loses his cool pretty easy, and doesn't tolerate fools who disagree with him, but Paul Ryan may be thinking of applying those same father figure qualities as our disciplinarian and chief, President Ryan. Ryan's overused declaration that the people want to follow someone who "leads," may have been a subtle hint he's thinking about it, at least for the past few weeks anyway:

According to the Examiner:
"I can make a little news," said, Steve Hayes, Wednesday night on Fox News Special Report, and then he dropped the bombshell that Paul Ryan "is actively considering a run for the presidency."

" I talked with somebody who is close to Paul Ryan today who had had discussions with him in the past week and a half. He is actively considering a run for the presidency. He's got the same issues that he had before. He likes his place in Congress ... He's worried about running for president and potentially serving as president with young children. Having lost his father at a very young age, it's not a trivial concern.

But before Mitch Daniels said he was not going to run, Paul Ryan was serious when he said, 'I'm not looking at it - I don't want to run for president.' And he was sorta walking away from that kind of decision. Since Mitch Daniels said that he wasn't going to run, I think Paul Ryan has taken a second look."

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