Tuesday, July 19, 2011

InsurCorps Pouring Money Into Ryan's Campaign

According to this article, Rob Zerban, Democratic primary candidate for the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin, has raised more money this quarter than any of Ryan's previous challengers since Ryan was elected. Zerban stated that the average contribution to his campaign is $42.

You can donate to Zerban's campaign to defeat Paul Ryan here.

Paul Ryan's campaign war chest on the other hand, more now than ever before, is gorging itself like a vampire squid wrapped around the face of Wall Street. Around this same period (July 2009) for his 2010 campaign, Ryan reported $1.28 million with 82 percent of his donors giving $100 or less. This year, Ryan reports $3.8 million cash on hand to date with 77 percent giving $100 or less.

Ryan’s campaign said 77 percent of the individual contributions since the beginning of 2011 year were $100 or less.

During each of the last three congressional elections, I've spent hours paging through Paul Ryan's campaign reports and this is what I've found. I found when you're dealing with statements from Ryan's campaign you have to think like you're dealing with the crooked'est used car dealer in the city. They don't mean 77 percent of the $3.8 million came from individuals giving $100 or less. No-no, not at all. What they really mean by 77 percent is about 4000 individuals (apprx.) contributed around $240,000 to his campaign while the rest, $3,560,000 of the $3.8 million reported, came from about 1,300 contributions (23%) funneled from 100 Big Corps entities.

Just like dealing with a slick-shady used car salesman, it's never ever what you thought you've heard at first from Paul Ryan. It's always that initial doubt that you curse yourself for by being duped, but only after you're left stranded in the road holding an empty bag.


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