Friday, July 22, 2011

Paul Ryan exposes himself

Made you look! Made you look!

That headline is from The New Republic,where Jonathan Chait writes:

One little-noticed effect of the debt ceiling impasse is that Paul Ryan, that Paul Revere of fiscal calamity, darling of the anti-deficit lobby, has been exposed as a fraud. Technically, I guess he hasn't been exposed if nobody pays attention to it, in the same sense that a person walking naked down a deserted street might as well be at home in the bedroom. But if you care to pay close attention, Ryan's fraudulence is perfectly clear.
Ryan's opposition to the so-called Gang of Six proposal, which does what he claims to want, proves, Chait says, that:

Ryan doesn't really care if nominal tax rates are lower and that all the savings come from closing tax expenditures. He just wants rich people to pay less money to the government, and whether that lower tax bill comes in the form of lower rates or bigger loopholes is the secondary consideration.

More here.

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