Friday, July 8, 2011

Forget Roger Clemens, Let's Put Paul Ryan on Trial!

Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) likes to tell anyone who will listen that we have the highest (or second highest) corporate tax rate in the world.

H/T Bob Cesca:

The United States actually has the second LOWEST corporate tax rate in the world.

Ryan may actually be telling the truth, if it weren’t for the countless number of loopholes corporations use to avoid paying the majority of their taxes or, in some cases, pay no taxes at all. The only way people like America's account Paul Ryan says they will agree to closing some of those loopholes is if they are offset by tax-cuts in other areas. This is what he calls being \"revenue neutral\".

So the question I have is when Paul Ryan goes on TV and says what he says is he lying or just has not done the research to find out the truth. If he is lying, will he end up with the same fate as Anthony Weiner or Roger Clemens?

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