Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ryan's tweets on budget show him up as a twit

To hear Paul Ryan tell it, it is a terrible thing that the Democratic-controlled US Senate hasn't "passed a budget" since Fido was a pup.

Ryan's a regular tweeter about just how long it is since the Dems passed a budget. For example:

RepPaulRyan Paul Ryan
7/8/11: Unemployment hits 9.2% on 800th day since Senate Dems last thought govt needed a budget. Public Debt: $9.75T.
19 Jul
Shocking! Scandalous! Those Democrats just don't care if we ever have a budget!  (It is a biennial budget, so you'd only pass it every 730 days or so anyway, of course.)

But here's the little secret Ryan's not telling anyone: It doesn't make one whit of difference.

Jonathan Bernstein in the Washington Post:

Remember, the budget resolution — that’s the thing that Senate Dems haven’t done yet, and may not do — isn’t a law. It doesn’t actually do anything, except to give instructions from Congress to Congress. Passing a budget doesn’t have any relation to whether Congress passes spending bills, which it must do in the end.
So who cares how many days it has been?  Paul Ryan pretends he does.  But he clearly knows better.

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