Monday, July 18, 2011

Ryan's Medicare plan brings him big bucks from the insurance industry

Why, Madison's Capital Times asks, does Paul Ryan call for radical changes in Medicare and Medicaid when it would not balance the federal budget?

Because the insurance industry wants to turn Medicare and Medicaid into voucher programs that force retirees and low-income families to buy insurance coverage from private firms. That would steer federal money away from providing health care to those who need it and toward padding the profits of some of the most powerful and politically connected corporations in America...
The public opposes the plan, but Ryan hasn't backed off. Why? It's a huge money maker for Ryan.

Among all businesses, the top source of campaign money for Ryan over the course of his political career has been the insurance industry - more than $720,000 so far.

And in the current report? The industries providing the largest donations are finance and ... insurance.

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  1. this is nothing more than a shameless act of Corporatism. too many politicians work exclusively for their corporate benefactors; they have no intention of working for us. after all, they inhabit an totally different world from the one we live in.
    These are people who have never been $20 short...or had to save up for something they want or need. they work for their moneyed friends and no one else.