Monday, July 11, 2011

Ryan's $700 wine drinking companions identified

Who were those fuys drinking $350 bottles of wine with Paul Ryan in a DC bistro?

One is a hedge fund manager and the other a University of Chicago economist, both known as hard-core free market types opposed to any government bailouts. Neither is a lobbyist, but Ryan paid for one of the bottles of wine himself "just to be safe," after he was outed by someone who saw the trio at the bistro. (Congress members are forbidden to accept gifts valued at more than $100.)

But this story is not about ethics violations. It is about lifestyle and judgment, and Ryan's ability to relate to regular people as he proposes draconian budget cuts that will affet their lives. Remember the $400 John Edwards haircut?

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  1. Do you suppose the hedge fund manager is making bets on the US economy tanking when we default on our debt?