Monday, June 6, 2011

Vouchercare is not Medicare, and a pizza is not the Marines

Paul Krugman, who must be Paul Ryan's worst nightmare, writes about the Ryan Road to Ruin again, in a column headlined, "Vouchercare is not Medicare." Highlights:

For some reason, many commentators seem to believe that accurately describing what the G.O.P. is actually proposing amounts to demagoguery. But there’s nothing demagogic about telling the truth.

Start with the claim that the G.O.P. plan simply reforms Medicare rather than ending it. I’ll just quote the blogger Duncan Black, who summarizes this as saying that “when we replace the Marines with a pizza, we’ll call the pizza the Marines.” The point is that you can name the new program Medicare, but it’s an entirely different program — call it Vouchercare — that would offer nothing like the coverage that the elderly now receive. (Republicans get huffy when you call their plan a voucher scheme, but that’s exactly what it is.)
Read it here.

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