Sunday, June 12, 2011

Paul Ryan's Pants Are On Fire... Again

Paul Krugman is such a gentleman! Whenever Ryan gets caught lying his ass off in the pursuit of the goals he and his Wall Street financiers are pushing, Krugman merely says he's "talking nonsense." But Ryan is a practiced liar who lies with a purpose.
Politifact has now updated its work on the claim, universal on the right-- and repeated often by Paul Ryan-- that discretionary non-defense spending is up 80 percent under Obama.

It’s completely false. As anyone who knows how to read federal statistics should have known, the real number-- including the stimulus-- is 26 percent. And it’s now in the process of falling off.
The discretionary spending falsehood is a key part of the claim that Obama has presided over a vast expansion of government; as I’ve tried to explain, the only real area of rapid growth has been in safety net programs that spend more when there is high unemployment.

So, two questions.

First, why wasn’t this obvious to everyone? I mean, where are those huge new government programs?

Second, why did I have to be the one pointing out this falsehood? Doesn’t the White House have any kind of response team? Or are they so eager to be bipartisan that they don’t want to point out that Ryan is talking nonsense?

Earlier today, at DownWithTyranny, we posed a question about whether the good folks of southeast Wisconsin are ready to toss Ryan onto the garbage heap of history, just the way they did in 1940 with another fascist liar they had sent to Congress, Republican Hitlerite John Schafer. From Glen Yeadon's fantastic book, The Nazi Hydra In America:
One fascistic congressman was Republican John Schafer from Wisconsin. His congressional record was one of complete opposition to any defense measure. In speaking with Carlson, an investigative reporter posing as a pro-fascist, Schafer spoke of a revolution against democracy: "The Bloody kind. There will be purges and Roosevelt will be cleaned right off the earth along with the Jews. We’ll have a military dictatorship to save the country."

Oak Creek helped end the disgraceful political career of John Schafer. Is Oak Creek ready to end the disgraceful political career of Paul Ryan? If you'd like to help replace Ryan with progressive Democrat Rob Zerban, please visit Stop Paul Ryan... and do what you can.

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