Thursday, June 23, 2011

No matter how you ask it, Ryan Medicare plan tanks in national poll

Fifty-one per cent of the people in a recent national survey were uncertain what they thought of Paul Ryan.  But they certainly knew what they thought of his Medicare plan. 

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post:
Bloomberg’s pollers asked this question in three different ways. First, they asked whether respondents were more worried that Republicans would take Congress and “implement their proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and many other domestic programs” or Democrats would hold onto power and “continue their current spending policies.” Republicans proved scarier by eight points.

Then they asked about whether a proposal “to replace traditional Medicare so that individuals buy their own private insurance with the help of government subsidies” would make you better or worse off. Worse off led by 23 points.

Then they asked whether knowing a Republican candidate “wants to change Medicare to a private pay system with government subsidies” would make him or her more or less attractive. Less attractive took it in a 14-point landslide. So whether you speak about the plan vaguely or specifically, whether you mention its Republican roots or not, it’s very, very unpopular.
Numbers here.

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