Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan avoids questions, refuses a bible

After speaking at the 2011 Faith and Freedom Conference, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan refused to answer questions regarding why he based his 2012 federal budget proposal on the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand, rather than the Biblical principles of economic justice. What's more, Rep. Ryan then flees the Bible offered to him by the 7000 members of Faithful America who signed a petition asking Rep. Ryan the same question the young man in this video asked him.

Here's the video:

I think it's abundantly clear by now that Paul Ryan - who by the way won't ever have to worry about his health care when he retires, thanks to his sweet Congressional pension and health care benefits upon retirement - doesn't care about the struggles average American seniors will face when given a voucher that only covers a portion of the health insurance premiums they're forced to haggle over with insurance companies that are more concerned with healthy financial bottom lines than they are with the well-being of their customers.

Shame on Paul Ryan.

H/T to The Other Side of My Mouth.

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