Friday, June 10, 2011

PolitiFact parses Pasch, Pasch parses PolitiFact

The Journal Sentinel's PolitiFarce has done it again, this time "fact checking" a statement State Rep. Sandy Pasch said about Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan.

Pasch, a candidate running in a recall against State Sen. Alberta Darling -- who invited the darling Ryan as a special guest at her Milwaukee fundraiser --  sets the record straight on her campaign website:
No matter what you read in today's paper, here is the real fact: the Paul Ryan plan ends the promise of guaranteed health care for seniors who rely on Medicare for health care.
46 million Americans rely on Medicare for health care, and about half of those live on incomes of less than $30,000/yr. For these seniors, Medicare is relied upon and is essential for health care, which is incredibly expensive, is getting more expensive, and which is even more expensive for seniors.
Read Pasch's well-documented response here.


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