Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sean Duffy roasted at town meeting for supporting Ryan budget

Rep. Sean Duffy, one of the Wisconsin freshmen who voted for Paul Ryan's Medicare-ending budget plan, found himself in hot water at a town meeting in Superior.

Fox 21 News reports:
Tensions rose as Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy held an open town hall meeting in Superior on Monday. With several outbursts, the debate over Medicare took the spotlight.Duffy, along with other Republican Representatives, are under attack for their support of a plan essentially eliminating the Medicare system.
Duffy never mentions Ryan in the video footage, but it's the Ryan plan that has people riled up. Duffy and Reid Ribble, who also won a House seat in a GOP landslide in November, will have to come up with some much better answers if they expect to keep those seats.

Lou Kaye has more, and more video footage of Duffy under fire from constituents:

Duffy is just another shifty empty suit in a long line of shifty Republican empty suits who are now running as far away as they can from their "Care Killing" budget vote in the House. It's like it never happened.
Here's the clincher. Some of Duffy's "repeal Obamacare" constituents seemed to have no idea that Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" was actually a deal resolution that would eventually terminate their Medicare in exchange for repealing Obamacare. One couldn't happen without the other. What a deal - eh?! Things were bad enough as it stood so Duffy wasn't going to tell them the truth about it. Instead he says republican leadership offered nothing for repeal and replace and lunatic constituents call him a liar for it. He got off easy

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