Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paul Ryan’s Cheap Parlor Tricks of Last Resort: Bring out the clichés and Stereotypes.

In an avalanche of desperation, Paul Ryan has reduced himself to a fumbling “sky is falling” demagogue. Check out this recent attempt to avoid this one hard question; If your plan saves the government so much money, who’s picking up the difference? 

Newsmax: The political left is “coming unglued a bit,” embattled Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan tells Newsmax … in which he also criticizes a recent CBO analysis of his plan as “deeply flawed.” Ryan also contends that the AARP retiree organization has been “frightening seniors” over his proposals to fix Medicare; “Yes, I think they are, I think they’re frightening seniors. And I think [they] are showing their political stripes a little bit more.

In a down the rabbit hole twist in logic, Ryan’s plan can’t be compared to Medicare benefits because in the future, Medicare won’t exist. Nothing to compare it too. My head is hurting:

Ryan (says the CBO) compares his plan with the level of benefits a recipient would receive under the current Medicare system… “So it’s really sort of a fiscal fantasy to compare any plan against some future that everybody says will not exist.

He’s completely lost his mind.

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  1. Hi,

    I know my eyes did not deceive me when I saw Paul Ryan coming unglued on the Weds after the election. With eyeballs bugged and he literally sputtered about how great a man Donald Trump was. He was dressed in a red track jacket which I found a strange choice. Now all I find are clips of him in his normal mania and dressed in blue. Maybe I'm wrong, I hadn't slept much. Wondering if you ever saw that?