Friday, June 10, 2011

Darling buddies up to Ryan, steps into 'Medicare trap'

Whether he shows up or not, Rep. Paul Ryan's invitation to a fundraiser for embattled State Sen. Alberta Darling Friday night in Milwaukee is going to give Darling a big Medicare headache in her recall campaign.

Talking Points Memo says Darling has fallen into a "Medicare trap" by inviting Ryan.

You can bet that Democrats will make it an issue and tie Darling to Ryan's unpopular (that's an understatement) budget plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it and replace it with what amounts to a voucher system.

A bad decision on Darling's part. Any sparkle or extra cash she might pick up by advertising Ryan's possible attendance will be more than offset by the negatives she picks up from associating with him.

Ryan was advertised as a guest at a fundraiser for another Republican state senator facing a recall, Dan Kapanke, but was a no-show and claimed he had never agreed to attend in the first place.

Darling's campaign says Ryan's coming. He might as well; the damage is already done.

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