Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Staten Island Congressman's office invaded by angry cheeseheads

No member of Congress who supports Paul Ryan's Roadmap to Ruin is safe from getting the cheesehead treatment, it appears.

What's happening in Ryan's district in Wisconsin was the inspiration for an action at Rep. Michael Grimm's Staten Island office, the Jobs Party reports:

The energy and enthusiasm was strong, as New Yorkers demanded that their congressman create jobs now as opposed to supporting the slashing of the social safety net inherent to the Paul Ryan budget.

The Wisconsin inspiration was real and palpable, and the connection to Paul Ryan intrinsic. The Wisconsin fight back is similarly being taken local in almost all of the town hall outbursts nationwide, as it is the nihilistic cuts of the Ryan budget that has inspired such activation. We just addressed it directly and made the Wisconsin-spirit of the event more overt.

Moreover, as Wisconsin has taken the town hall model up a notch in light of Ryan refusing to hold a free one, we followed suit by bringing the town hall to Grimm---including unemployed constituents of his walking inside to apply for jobs! Grimm followed Ryan's lead in not holding any town halls where he could be held accountable to his constituents, so we wanted to make sure he also heard from those he purportedly represents who are suffering direly from the jobs crisis.

Like Ryan in Wisconsin, Grimm in New York now has to dodge angry cheeseheads in his back yard.


  1. I just came across your blog today and started following you. I just wanted to say that I wish you the very best! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey about a National Motto--CHEESEHEADS SPEAK NOW!

  3. Wow you completely misrepresented these events, and forgot to mention how few people were there, and that half didn't even live in Grimm's district.

    Grimm is governing according to all of his conservative campaign promises, and the only people who show up to protest are the same handful of left wing loons from SIDA and MoveOn. When the Tea Party first formed on Staten Island and protested ObamaCare at the same location when McMahon was in Congress, there were nearly 400 people there and 95% were never involved with politics.

    This was strictly an astroturf event, like all the stupid and laughable left wing protests we see on Staten Island.

    A message from the conservative majority: Stay home you losers, no one cares what you have to say.

  4. "No one cares what you have to say?"

    That's the same message Paul Ryan gives his constituents when he refuses to meet with them, or even hold a town meeting.