Monday, August 1, 2011

Good grief! Kristol still promoting Ryan for President

William Kristol of the right-wing Weekly Standard cannot get over his man crush on Paul Ryan. 

In his latest column, which Kristol calls, "Six Circumstances in Search of a Candidate," Kristol makes the case that the GOP has a great chance to beat a weakened President Obama in 2012, but currently has no candidate who can do it.  But then he reaches this conclusion:

Paul Ryan can’t accomplish much over the next year in the House. [He's accomplished almost nothing in 12 years there, so Kristol has that right]   He should run as a candidate who’s shown leadership (the Ryan budget) [which is enormously unpopular with the voters], who has successfully taken on Obama (at the House Republican retreat, the health care summit, and in the White House about two months ago), and who has the best chance of uniting the establishment and Tea Party wings of the GOP
But it gets worse.
If not Ryan, how about Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, or someone else who is young, sane, and unafraid?
Read it here, if you must.

Meanwhile, Lew Rockwell says Paul Ryan is evil. How can he tell? Answer here.

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