Monday, August 8, 2011

Ryan admits cuts to "entitlements" will lead to economic growth and tax cuts.

I understand now what Rep. Paul Ryan has been saying over and over. If the government spends less on seniors, there will be more left over for "economic growth and tax reform." It's a pure capitalistic, free market plan. Seniors are in the way with huge entitlements that pretty much keeps the government from reducing taxes. 

What else could explain his dogged pursuit to tear down the new deal? Watch the video below, he's downright obsessive. But why? After all, Ryan used his families Social Security payments to fund his education. It can't save the government money unless it shifts the costs to the individual, seniors on a fixed income. 

Below, Ryan makes it perfectly clear where his focus is. 

RYAN: It all depends on the spending side of the ledger. … If we’re convincingly restructuring these entitlement programs and getting that spending line down to meet that revenue line, then can you have higher revenue growth through more economic growth and tax reform? Yes, the answer is yes.

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