Friday, September 2, 2011

Ryan, on the “Promises of Job Creation.”

You can blame the media, again, for pretending “predictions” are more than just that…a prediction. Predictions aren’t promises either, like Rep. Paul Ryan suggests.  

Yet that’s the meme posed over and over by Ryan and the Republican Party, who oddly enough, are successfully portraying Obama as a lousy two bit version of Nostradamus.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) blasted the White House; “Today’s report confirms that the President’s policies have failed to deliver on his promises of job creation, deficit reduction, and much-needed economic growth. Today’s report estimates that the unemployment rate — despite assumptions of stronger economic growth — will remain above 8% through the end of the President’s term in office.”

The presumed precision of “promises and assumptions” is something Ryan continues to get away with, despite his own poor record of promises and assumptions about deregulation that created the Great Recession.
No one would “promise” lower unemployment, but they sure as hell would try to achieve it.
My fear is that we’ll continue to vote against our own self-interest, to lower the standard of living, and to cede control to private interests in our quest to downsize government.
Giving up our government to corporate interests, while at the same time defining corporations as “people,” is not a subtle reinterpretation of the Constitution. It's a takeover. We’re one president away from realizing this scenario.  

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