Wednesday, August 24, 2011

'Ryan is so important the presidency would be a step down'

I am not making this up.

Christian Schneider, a jolly good fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, a right-wing propaganda machine posing as a think tank, actually says in a National Review Online blog that Ryan would have won the presidency if he had run, but that would have been a step down from his position as House Budget Committee chairman.

Schneider's outrageous premise is hardly worth comment, but it did attract some online commenters. This was my favorite:

"The office is too small for him?" Really? Right. Who wants to lead the country, be Commander in Chief, appoint Supreme Court Justices, and be co-equal to the Legislative Branch complete with veto power when one could chair the House Budget Committee? I suppose it is better to play football for Janesville High than for the Packers too.

Would you have written a similar post had he decided to run urging him stay in the House? I didn't think so

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