Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ryan plan needs greed; seniors don't bite

Timothy Egan, in the NY Times, says Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare gambled that those 55 and up, who would not be affected, would say "I've got mine; screw you" to the younger generation:

... Could you divide the country between greedy geezers and everyone else as a way to radically alter the social contract?

But in order for the Republican plan to turn Medicare, one of most popular government programs in history, into a much-diminished voucher system, the greed card had to work...
Surprise! It didn't.
[Paul] Ryan himself has made a naked play for greed in defending the plan. “Seniors, as soon as they realize this doesn’t affect them, they are not so opposed,” he has said.

Well, the early verdict is in, and it looks as though the better angels have prevailed: seniors are opposed. Republicans: Meet the Fockers. Already, there is considerable anxiety — and some guilt — among older folks about leaving their children worse off financially than they are. To burden them with a much costlier, privatized elderly health insurance program is a lead weight for the golden years.

Read it here.

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