Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Fine if I lose my House seat" Paul Ryan says -- and he might

[Paul Ryan]says he is determined to fight for his Medicare plan even if it ruins his political career. ‘I don't care about that,’ Ryan said in an interview on the Subway Series with ABC’s Jonathan Karl. ‘Now is not that time to be worried about political careers. Sincerely, I will be fine if I lose my house seat because you know what? I will know I did what I thought was right to save this country from fiscal ruin.’
Ryan said that in an interview on ABC's Subwat Series with Jonathan Karl, as reported by The Note.

A lot of people in Wisconsin and across the country would be happy to see him lose that seat. He hasn't really had a challenge for years, and has continued to amass campaign cash from the special interests. At the end of 2010 he had $3-million in the bank. But that doesn't mean he's unbeatable. Money doesn't always dominate. Ask Meg Whitman, who spent $160-million or more to lose the California governor's race to Jerry Brown, who was outspent 6 to 1.

And Ryan has a real, credible opponent, Rob Zerban, who got in the race early and is on the right message. It's still a longshot, but what happened in New York state Tuesday night could happen in the 1st District. Ryan's budget plan is political poison, and so far the GOP have not found the antidote.

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