Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inside The House GOP Caucus, Ryan Isn't Exactly Miss Popularity Any Longer

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Paul Ryan may be Big Business's Golden Boy-- the one they've tasked with their long-term dream of shredding the social safety net and doing away entirely with Medicare and Social Security-- but many Republican Members of Congress are wishing they'd never heard his name. In the House they all-- except for 4 wily enough to look down the road a piece-- got suckered into voting for his extremist Budget, what he calls his "cause," that was inspired by the "Greed Is Good," explicitly anti-Christian ethos of Ayn Rand. Last weekend when he said he knows that many Republicans may lose at the polls because they supported his budget but that he didn't care, that was probably the last straw for many of them. Senate Republicans are begging Harry Reid to not force them to vote on Ryan's budget.

But will Ryan's fumbling translate into 25 lost seats in 2012? And what about Ryan's own seat? Next year he'll be facing the first serious opponent he's ever had since first being elected, Kenosha Co. Supervisor, Rob Zerban. This morning Zerban told us that voters he's talking to are seeing Ryan in a whole new light now. "Yesterday he proven again how out of touch he is with his constituents, voting to keep subsidies in place for oil and gas companies. People in the 1st CD are continually voicing their concerns for the future of their children and grandchildren with his budget to end Medicare, and repeal the healthcare act." [You can donate to Rob's campaign directly at StopPaulRyan.] If the DCCC were competent they wouldn't be looking at 25 red seats switching over; they'd be on the road to 50 or 60. Tying Republicans who voted for Ryan's "cause" (all of them but 4) should be enough to wipe them out. Wisconsin's most celebrated political journalist, John Nichols, explained very thoroughly what the DCCC-- which has studiously ignored Ryan since he was elected to Congress-- should be tying their targets to.

Read the whole post here. Donate to Rob Zerban's campaign to Stop Paul Ryan here.

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