Friday, May 13, 2011

A prolonged wet, sloppy from Milwaukee's Fox6

Milwaukee's WITI-TV, the Fox affiliate (naturally) spent a day in Washington with Paul Ryan recently and produced a documentary-length nine-minute video, titled, "Get to know political giant Republican Congressman Paul Ryan."

It is truly a love fest.  Just imagine, the report says: Ryan's communications staffer gets 100 media requests a day, but he spent ALL DAY with us!  That sets the tone for the Gee-whiz coverage.  Reporter Mike Lowe gushes so much that it reminds you of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. You wish someone would cap it.

It's light on substance, but heavy on bio and puffery, even working in Ryan's boyish good looks, dark hair, and blue eyes.  The off-camera question to Ryan must have been something like, "Gee, Congressman, what's it like to be so handsome?"

Ryan says he has "a relationship of mutual respect " with President Obama, but the report, while mentioning Ryan being "embarrassed" by sitting in the front row for the President's devastating critique of his Road to Ruin budget plan, neglects to mention Ryan's very public and pathetic whining about it.

If Ryan decides on a kamikaze mission and runs for President, he can just show this at the convention and save all of the production money the other candidates will have to spend.

UPDATE: Ryan gets to second base with Fox6

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  1. They need to learn there's a difference between sucking up and putting out. geez