Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A modest proposal to fix Ryan's plan

Marc Pascal, writing for a blog ironically called The Moderate Voice, says Paul Ryan is loopy for proposing a Medicare voucher plan (a term Ryan hates) because it doesn't control costs. His "moderate" alternative: Export the sick.
The U.S. should negotiate with a dozen advanced and developing nations (including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and others) several agreements for their healthcare systems to cover U.S. citizens for any and all medical care at flat-rate annual fees. The Federal government already outsources many defense-related programs and other public services. The U.S. private sector extensively outsources manufacturing, customer services, and even professional services. Why not outsource the U.S. healthcare system as well?

Certainly the cost of flying (or bussing U.S. citizens living close to Canada or Mexico) sick seniors (even anyone else who is sick in the U.S.) overseas plus the cost of such foreign medical care, would be far less expensive than doing it in the U.S.

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