Friday, May 20, 2011

Huntsman on Ryan budget: Well, it's an idea

Jon Huntsman, the latest Republican to consider a presidential run, was asked in New Hampshire about the House budget advanced by Rep. Paul Ryan -- the issue that got Newt Gingrich into such hot water. Huntsman was didiplomatic (being a diplomat) but this doesn't sound like an endorsement of Ryan's plan, which Gingrich called radical:

"The way we do it in America, we put ideas on the table, we discuss them," [Huntsman] said. " There is a lot that is part of the Ryan plan that needs to be considered."

When pressed, he didn't endorse Ryan's proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher system, but said "that is something like (what) we set up in Utah, where you've got a multiplicity of insurance options." Turning Medicaid into block grants for states "is a good thing, because right now Medicaid is blowing a hole in budgets throughout the United States."
Huntsman is a former Utah governor. More here.

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