Monday, September 19, 2011

Did someone say class warfare? Was it Paul "Silver Spoon" Ryan?

Paul Ryan says President Obama's proposed tax increase for millionaires is nothing short of class warfare.

If a class war breaks out, we know which side Paul Ryan will be fighting for -- the entitled class into which he was born.

L. S. Carbonell on LezGet Real blog:

If you would like to know what shaped Paul Ryan’s economic philosophy, Google Ryan Incorporated Central. The company was founded by his great-grandfather and is responsible for the fact that when Ryan’s father died at the age of 55, Ryan was able to bank his entire Social Security survivor benefits for college instead of living on them the way my siblings did when our father died at the same age...

Ryan’s big “real business” experience was working for one branch of the family conglomerate as a “marketing consultant.”

He actually has a B.A. in economics and political science from Miami University, but some people are never capable of letting book learning override personal experience. Ryan is apparently one of them. He ended up in politics at his mother’s urging because she was afraid he was going to end up “a ski bum.”
Paul Begala says it better in a CNN opinion piece:
Mr. Ryan won the genetic lottery. There is no doubt that his great-grandfather worked hard to build that company. But a century and a quarter later, young Mr. Ryan -- who estimates his net worth at up to $2.4 million -- has no calluses on his hands. Just on his heart.

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