Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ryan's World; He'll have order or you'll be arrested. Treating the "Leader" Elite like Royalty.

Still more video of Paul Ryan's Whitnall Park Rotary Luncheon where the public had to pay $15 to see and talk their representative. Any question about whether Ryan is sociopathic is answered here.

Ryan is under the false impression that only polite agreeable attendees have the right to ask questions without interruption from their elected officials. But for those backed-into-a-corner desperate Americans...jail. It's obvious from the video that security had been told to remove dissenters immediately, without the pleasantries of being asked to keep it down, wait their turn...etc. Apparently speaking out of order is cause for arrest in Ryan's world. 

Ryan amazingly did not try to stop the police from arresting and fining the protesters. It will take all the self control you can muster when you see Ryan wave sarcastically goodbye to protesters on his way out of town. This is campaign ad gold....

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