Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rick Perry signs on to Ryan's bait-and-switch, end-Medicare scheme

Rick "Ponzi Scheme" Perry has signed on to the Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it and replace it with a voucher-type system that will cost seniors much more for health care -- if they can afford it at all.

Isn't calling that "Medicare" when it's really something quite different a bait and switch con job? It sure seems like it.

Politico reports:
Perry also said he spoke Friday with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and backs the House Budget Committee chairman’s fiscal proposal.
“I talked with Paul Ryan today and told him that I thank you for standing up and having the courage and I’m proud to join you in having this discussion were having with America.”
Perry defended his description of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme.”
“Kids know that paying into something that won’t be there in the future is a Ponzi scheme,” he said.
No word on whether Ryan reciprocated by endorsing Perry's call for states that don't like what Congress does to secede from the union.

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