Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ryan on jobless Wisconsinites: Let them eat candy

A Capital Times editorial, clearly written after watching video footage of the Ryan family in a Labor Day parade:

The truth is that Paul Ryan has no interest in fighting for working families — in Janesville or anywhere else in the United States.

In 2008, the sprawling General Motors plant that had been Janesville's top employer for nine decades was shuttered. Thousands of jobs were lost. Unemployment soared. Working families in Janesville and surrounding Rock County are still struggling.

What was Ryan's response? He proposed schemes to gamble Social Security funds in the stock market and to gut Medicare and Medicaid.

Paul Ryan has never done anything for Janesville ... until now.

At the Janesville Labor Day parade, the congressman was confronted by an unemployed worker. The man wanted to know what his representative planned to do to aid his unemployed constituents.

Ryan tried to brush his questioner off. But when the man persisted, Ryan finally offered something:

Candy or a Green Bay Packers schedule.

That's all job-seeking Wisconsinites will ever be able to expect from Paul Ryan.

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