Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GOP call Ryan courageous, but his budget proposal is cowardly

Stan Collender, writing on his Capital Gains and Games blog: 
...Republicans talk about how "courageous" Ryan is for taking the lead on reducing the deficit while it stays as far away as possible from any discussion of the specifics spending reductions and tax cuts. 
The reality, however, is just the opposite: When it comes to the budget Ryan is far more of a coward than anything else. 
It wasn't at all courageous for Ryan to propose tax cuts and deep spending reductions that only House Republicans would approve. That's the federal budget equivalent of throwing raw meet to piranhas and then saying that you deserve credit for feeding them what they want to eat.
The courageous move would have been to propose a budget plan that challenged the GOP majority and attracted Democratic votes, that is, that was a compromise in the midst of hyper partisanship.
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