Monday, October 1, 2012

Paul Ryan's Not Just Losing The Presidential Race, He's Losing His Reputation

Jonathan Chait on how the Beltway legend of Serious Paul Ryan is rapidly decaying:
A person who thinks highly of Ryan, or who notes the sudden souring of his media coverage, might suspect that the problem lies in the fact that he is now defending Romney’s plan rather than his own. But that is not the case. Ryan’s plan is worse. He would cut tax rates lower than Romney’s (the Ryan budget would reduce the top tax rate to 25 percent, against the 28 percent Romney proposes) and rather than hold rates on investment income constant, he would eliminate all taxes on investment income. Taxes are one of the many black holes in the Ryan budget. He asked the Congressional Budget to score his plan as if it held revenue at a constant level, and the CBO basically said, “well, okay, if you say so,” but Ryan never comes close to saying how he would fill in the trillions of dollars of missing revenue that would require.

And nobody has ever asked him. Because Ryan’s role in the budget discourse was not to be questioned, but to question others. If he was asked to comment, it was to express his sadness over Obama’s alleged unwillingness to enact the bipartisan debt plans that Ryan in fact killed.

Ryan is still an extremely skilled bullshitter — vastly better at it than Romney. But he’s actually seeing, for the first time, questions that attempt to pry information out of him, rather than the batting practice lobs to which he’s accustomed. He’s going to emerge from the race with his legend punctured.
Poor Mini-Mitt, seeing his carefully constructed persona torn to shreds in front of the whole country. This can't be what he had in mind when he took the gig.

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  1. Here's hoping we hand Ryan his head on a platter. I would like to see him on the unemployment lines along with the other people he has helped to put there by blocking Obama's job plan. No VP post, no Rep post, no nothing.