Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does Tommy Owe Ryan An Apology?

Tommy had his anti-Tammy Baldwin talking points down pat this morning during a half-hour freebie on Charlie Sykes' show, even claiming with disparagement that Baldwin got only three bills passed during her time in Congress - - one of which renamed a post office in Madison.

If that's fair game, then how about this?
Paul Ryan, the new right-wing fiscal hero, is a smooth talker who's been a total failure as a doer in Congress.
Elected in 1998, here's what he has to show for his first six terms -- 12 years! -- in Congress. Two bills he authored have become law. Count 'em, two.

One named the post office in Janesville after the late congressman Les Aspin, the Democrat who represented Ryan's district and went on to serve as Secretary of Defense. (HR 4241, introduced 4/11/2000; Public Law 106-242)

Getting Congress to agree to name a post office for one of its former members doesn't require a legislative genius at the helm.

The other was to modify the tax code regarding arrow components
(HR 5394, introduced 11/19/2004; Public Law 108-493.
Yes, arrow components.
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