Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Biden Can Unmask The Ryan Makeover

The once-moderate Mitt Romney had become this year a Tea Party wannabee and even birther Donald Trump's best friend during the primaries but then teleported himself back to moderation for last week's debate with President Barack Obama.

From "Etch-A-Sketch" moments to a remade man altogether, favoring health coverage for the uninsured, or those with pre-existing medical conditions, and disowning his multi-trillion dollar tax cut.

So now the question is, as the Vice-Presidential debate looms Thursday night: Will Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden remind viewers that GOP veep candidate US Rep. Paul Ryan has been run through the makeover machine, too?


* That Ryan has tempered his wholesale opposition to abortion to conform to Romney's limited exceptions?

* That Ryan had worked closely on anti-abortion legislation with the disgraced Missouri Congressman Todd ("Legitimate Rapes") Akin, whom Romney has disowned - - but who remains the Republican US Senate candidate in Missouri with growing conservative support?

* That Ryan softened his draconian fiscal blueprint, though it still calls for voucherizing Medicare and thus boosting the profits of big insurance companies?

*  That Ryan railed against the Obama stimulus, but sought its funds for local projects to create jobs - - exactly as it was intended to do?

* That Ryan now runs from the obsessive individualism of Ayn Rand, his long-time political guide?

* That Ryan's marathon time is actually slower than first advertised?

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